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@ The Zone

@ The Zone is the perfect opportunity for children and adults alike to take part in fun and energetic activities. We offer a wide range of classes in our sports hall/dance studio in Smethwick and in the local community. A large selection of these activities are suitable for children aged 4+ or adults.

Allstarz for Children

Trying to get your children away from the TV, phone or computer in the evening? Let them try our lively and enjoyable Kidz Classes, priced at only £4 per hour.

This year we have launched the Allstarz, with students able to enter a variety of competitions and shows while achieving badges and other honours. Billie, our Head Dance Coach, continues to coordinate our team of experienced dancers to deliver these sessions:

kids dance class

£4 per class -

Mondays - 1 Class £4, 2 Classes for £7, 3 Classes for £9

Our venue is @The Zone, Unit 2 & 3, Elm Court, Crystal Drive, Smethwick, B66 1RB

You can download the class timetable here

Class Times


Gymnastics - 5.30pm till 6.30pm

Cheerleading - 6.30pm till 7.30pm

Street Dance - 7.30pm till 8.30pm


Glow Sports - 6.00pm till 7.00pm

Boccia (FREE) - 7.00pm till 8.00pm

4 Community Trust now host GlowSports Events

To learn more about GlowSports and what we do, click on the button below.

Visit GlowSports

Adult Classez

Our adult classes are perfect if you’re looking for a fabulous, entertaining exercise class in Smethwick. Tone up, feel fitter and have a great time!

Boogie Bounce Xtreme:

3 times more effective than aerobics, Low impact on joints, All ages and abilities welcome

Bounce Fit:

Don’t wish for a good body... bounce for it! Bounce Fit lets you bring a night out to your workout.

boogie bounce class

£4 per class

Our venue is @The Zone, Unit 2 & 3, Elm Court, Crystal Drive, Smethwick, B66 1RB

You can download the class timetable here

Class Times


Bounce Fit - 6.30pm till 7.30pm


Boogie Bounce - 7.00pm till 8.00pm


What does it cost?

All spaces must be booked with in advance so check the timetable below to see what’s on. You can pay on the day but for this option you should call 0121 552 2006 to check availability.

What can I expect?

Our motto is ‘Bounce and Burn’ so prepare to work hard but feel welcomed, smile and have fun. For the first 45 minutes we’re bouncing and then we have 15 minutes toning, using the trampoline as a base. There is no experience level at our classes, beginners are welcome in every session and everyone bounces at their own pace. It usually takes around 2 - 3 classes to get used to the moves so don’t give up. Be warned... it’s addictive!

What do I wear?

Gym attire and trainers. Ladies, bring a sports bra! You also should have a water bottle, towel and a good sense of humour!

Should I eat before class?

It’s recommended that you don’t eat heavily an hour or so before class for a more comfortable session. Bananas are a great snack and a good source of natural energy.

I’m really unfit, can I still attend?

Of course! The point is to enjoy exercise and our purpose is to push your fatigue, driving rapid results and making you feel amazing. You’re welcome to stop and rest at any point but we usually break for a drink while changing music ever 3 - 4 tracks. Remember it’s YOUR class so go at YOUR pace.

What is the right technique?

The most effective way to bounce is to bend your knees, lean forward, tighten your tummy and push hard from the knees deep into the trampoline mat. If you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet slightly you’ll have more control and every time you jump you’ll be working the abs too.